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Edsoma Project

A successful example of bilateral cooperation

The Spanish company Ingeteam and the Norwegian Ulstein have successfully developed a project pursuing smarter and greener solutions of hybrid power plants for safer operations of vessels.


Emissions from international shipping are 2.18 million tonnes CO2 per day or 90,868 tonnes CO2 per hour. These figures showcase the need for smarter and greener energy solutions in the shipping industry. This is the background of the Edsoma project, financed within the Environmental and Climate Change-related Research and Technology Programme, developed jointly by the Spanish company Ingeteam and the Norwegian Ulstein.

The results prove the positive effects of cooperation between countries. “The experience has been really good, thanks to the fact that an established collaboration between Ingeteam and Ulstein was in place prior to starting the project so both companies knew well each other, but also due to the collaborative model, flexibility and frequent communication and visitations”, explained Jose Jorge García, Ulstein Business Analyst, in his remarks during the closing event of the Programme managed by CDTI.

The project, whose main objective is improving energy efficiency in vessels, has focused on the development of a new technology of power generation and distribution system for marine applications; improving the nowadays existing AC based classic solutions and complying and fulfilling the requirements of classification standards in terms of system protection and operation availability.

Among the results of the project: the design and development of a technology demonstrator, in which full tests have been carried out.

However, the project doesn’t end with the EEA Grants. “We are looking at implementing the results because we have relevant achievements and finding, but also at evaluating interesting future collaborative opportunities between our two companies”, highlighted Jose Jorge García from Ulstein.