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Closing Event

Building future opportunities

Environmental and Climate Change-related Research and Technology Programme financed by the EEA Grants is reaching and end, but its effects extend to other European calls.


18.2 million euros from the EEA Grants. A total budget of 114 million euros. 174 projects signed by 189 Spanish companies in R&D in environment, energy efficiency, renewable energy and climate change. 53 projects with a partner from Norway and Iceland. And the main objective met: to increase the development and application of technology that benefits the environment. These are the results of the Environmental and Climate Change-related Research and Technology Programme, operated by CDTI, showcased in a closing event last 18 October.

Among the financed projects, there are such innovative ideas as a technique to energy recovery and use from railways vibrations; or remediation of soils with radiological isotopes and decommissioning materials from radiological facilities; or wine-making adaptation to climate change by an efficient and sustainable way.

Nevertheless, the results of this programme extend beyond the projects funded by the EEA Grants. It has enabled to create synergies between Spanish and Norwegian companies which are now being transferred to other European calls, like Horizon2020, Eureka or Eurostars. CDTI experts explained in the closing event that there are huge opportunities to fund sustainable development projects from Spanish-Norwegian alliances, even within the Spanish organization (CDTI).

Besides, Rodrigo Ballesteros from the donor partner Innovation Norway, highlighted that another remarkable result is “the Norwegian firms installed in Spain as a consequence of their participation in B2B events” organized within the programme framework.

As Susana Rodríguez, Programme Operator, stated, the strengthening of bilateral relations has been underpinned by activities such as “40 infodays with 2,300 participants; six public events to promote the calls, explain results and present new funded opportunities in the same areas as the programme; three study trips between Innovation Norway, CDTI and Spanish companies; or and Investment forum to link “green” start-ups with investors”. 100 Norwegian companies and institutions and 2,300 Spanish have taken part.

The Programme closes but its effects will go beyond the EEA Grants.