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Launching event

20 years of cooperation and solidarity

 EEA Grants Spanish Focal Point and the Norwegian Embassy presented the book “20 years of cooperation and solidarity. Spain 1994-2014”.


For 20 years, the EEA Grants have contributed to the development of Spain. In all, 375 million euros have been received which have funded 460 projects and have benefited thousands of people. The effects of these funds and the personal stories behind the numbers have been brought together in the publication “20 years of cooperation and solidarity. Spain 1994-2014”, that was presented in an event last June 9th.

The event, organized by the Spanish Focal Point and the Norwegian Embassy, that brought together more than 150 persons, also served as a forum for taking stock of the last funding period, 2009-2014, in which 45 million euros has funded more than 400 projects, as well as for evaluating future cooperation beyond the EEA Grants.

In this sense, the Norwegian Ambassador in Spain, Johan Vibe, and the General Director of the European Department in the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Helga Skaara, highlighted the opportunities of “a regional fund in 2014-2021 period in order to fight youth unemployment and to foster cooperation”. The Ambassador pointed out how the EEA Grants have contributed to the strengthening of bilateral relationship between Spain and Norway, which is expected to continue.

The head of the Spanish Focal Point, Pilar Soler, stressed the great success of the EEA Grants that have benefited thousands of people and which have left a profound mark on Spain that will stand the test of time. At the same time, she commended the work done by everyone involved.

After the event, one of the funded projects within the Cultural Diversity and Cultural Exchange Programme, operated by the Norwegian Embassy offered a flamenco-jazz concert.

The event brought together representatives from the donor states (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) and from the Spanish Administration, programme operators and project beneficiaries, book protagonists and invited members from the priority sectors.

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